Kinugasa-Utano-sen, Kyoto City Road 183 (京都市道183号衣笠宇多野線)

Kinugasa-Utano-sen, Kyoto City Road 183 is a major local road that extends from Rokuon-ji mae Intersection (Kita Ward, Kyoto City) to Fukuoji Intersection (Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City).


It is also known as Kuramaguchi-dori, Kitsuji-dori, and Ichijo-dori. It was opened in 1963 and called 'Kanko-doro' (Tourist's road) at first, however, from 1991 it have been called 'Kinukake no michi' (Draped silk road), which had been chosen at the nickname contest that had been held on the local request (the name 'Kinukake' originates from an anecdote: The fifty-nineth Emperor Uda wanted to see snow in high summer, so his followers draped many white silks over Mt. Kinugasa [Kyoto Prefecture] [also known as Kinukake no yama, literary, the mountain draped with silks] to make up a similar scene of snowy mountain).

As the former nickname suggests, it connects many major tourist spots.

Along the road, there are many gift shops and restaurants for tourists. During tourist season, traffic congestion often occurs by sightseeing buses and cars.

Districts that the road runs

Kita Ward (Kyoto City), Ukyo Ward (Kyoto City)

Connecting roads

Kuramaguchi-dori, Kyoto kanjo-sen Belt Line, Kyoto City Road 181 (Nishioji-dori)



Ginkaku-ji Utano-sen, Kyoto Prefectural Road 101 (Ichijo-dori)

Hanazonoteishajo-Omuro-sen, Kyoto Prefectural Road 130

National Highway 162 (Shuzan-kaido), Ichijo-dori (Utano-Arashiyama-Yamada-sen, Kyoto Prefectural Road 29)

Rokuon-ji Temple

World Heritage Site

Kyoto City Kinkaku Elementary School

Kyoto City Kinugasa Junior High School

Insho-Domoto Museum of Fine Arts

Kinugasa Campus of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

Ryoan-ji Temple

World Heritage Site

Ninna-ji Temple

World Heritage Site

Omuro branch, Kyoto Shinkin Bank

Fukuoji-jinja Shrine

Kyoto Utano Post Office

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