Kitaoji-dori Street (北大路通)

The Kitaoji-dori Street is a street running east-west in Kyoto City. It was developed as part of a city plan that was conceived before the war. It runs from Shirakawa-dori Street in the east and to Nishioji-dori Street in the west. It is a 4-lane arterial highway that runs through Kyoto City, with the section between Kawabata-dori Street and Karasuma-dori Street belonging to National Highway Route No. 367.

The area along the street consist of urbanized suburbs and commercial facilities are most common along the street. In particular, the transportation hub of northern Kyoto City is around Karasuma-Kitaoji crossing, where Kitaoji Bus Terminal and Kitaoji Station of Kyoto Municipal Subway/Kyoto City Subway is located, the area is crowded with many people. The Kyoto Municipal Streetcar once ran between Higashioji-dori Street and Nishioji-dori Street and today's Kitaoji Bus Terminal used to be Karasuma shako (Karasuma carbarn).

Cross roads

The upper side is considered the eastern portion, while the lower side is considered the western portion. The left side is considered the northern portion, while the right side is considered the southern portion.

Roads unless specified are operated by local municipalities.

Traffic volume

Fiscal year 2005 Average Weekday 24-hour Traffic Volume (numbers) (Road Traffic Census)

Shimogamo-Kamigawaracho, Sakyo Ward: 33,483

Facilities around the Street
From the east

Takano branch shop, Izumiya - around the Higashioji-dori Street/Kawabata-dori Street

Takanobashi Bridge (Takano-gawa River (Kyoto City))

Kyoto Prefectural University

The Kyoto Botanical Garden

Kitaoji-bashi Bridge (Kamo-gawa River (Yodo-gawa water system))

Otani University - around Karasuma-dori Street

Kitaoji Town - around Karasuma-dori Street

Karasuma-Sen (Karasuma Line), Kyoto City Subway - Kitaoji Station

Kitaoji Bus Terminal

Kitaoji VIVRE

Kyoto church of the Resurrection, the Nippon Sei Ko Kai (Anglican Episcopal Church in Japan)

Daitoku-ji Temple - around Omiya-dori Street

Bukkyo University - around Senbon-dori Street (does not face Kitaoji-dori Street)

Rokuon-ji Temple (Kinkaku-ji Temple) - around Nishioji-dori Street (does not face Kitaoji-dori Street)

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