Kitayama-dori Street (北山通)

The Kitayama-dori Street is one of the major east-west running streets in Kyoto City and located at the northern most portion among its east-west arterial highways.

In the east, it extends from Shirakawa-dori Street; in the west, it bends southward to lead directly to Senbon-dori Street. It is a relatively new road, which started to be built under a city plan before the war and opened completely in 1985.

The street around Kitayama Station (Kyoto Prefecture) of Kyoto Municipal Subway/Kyoto City Subway and from Matsugasaki-dori Street to Kitayama-ohashi Bridge is lined with restaurants and shops housed in modern buildings, which is in contrast with the traditional appearance of Kyoto City.

The community of former Matsugasaki-mura extends east-west along an old street located one block north between the Matsugasaki-bashi Nishi Iru (to the west of Matsugasaki-bashi) and the area surrounding the crossing with Takaragaike-dori Street. The community is located at the foot of Myoho, one of the Five Mountains Send-off Bonfire.

Other areas along the street are new residential areas or agricultural fields, which possess features of a suburb.

West of the Kamo-gawa River, Kitayama-kita-dori Street and Kitayama-kita-naka-dori Street run parallel in the north, and parallel with Kitayama-minami-dori in the south.

Main facilities along the Street

Shugakuin Station of Eizan Main Line, Eizan Electric Railway - East of Higashioji-dori

Matsugasaki-bashi Bridge (Takano-gawa River (Kyoto City))

Send-off Bonfire of Myoho (on of the Five Mountains Send-off Bonfires)

Kyoto Institute of Technology, Matsugasaki-dori Sagaru (to the south of Matsugasaki-dori)

Sports recreation ground, Takaragaike Park

Kyoto Notre Dame University, Shimogamo-hon-dori Street Kado (corner of Shimogamo-hon-dori)

Kyoto Prefectural Library and Archive, around Kitayama Station

Garden of Fine Arts, Kyoto (Kyoto Toban-meiga Garden), around Kitayama Station

The Kyoto Botanical Garden, around Kitayama Station

Kyoto Engineering Office, Kyoto Prefecture, Kitayama-ohashi Higashizume (to the east of Kitayama-ohashi)

Kitayama-ohashi Bridge (Kamo-gawa River (Yodo-gawa water system))

Kyoto-kita Post Office, Horikawa-dori Kado (corner of Horikawa-dori)

North Fire Station, Kyoto City, Omiya-dori Higashi Iru (to the east of Omiya-dori)

Bukkyo University, around Senbon-dori Street

Cross roads

The upper side is considered the eastern portion, while the lower side is considered the western portion. The left side is considered the northern portion, while the right side is considered the southern portion.

Roads unless specified are operated by local municipalities.

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