Kojinguchi-dori Street (荒神口通)

Kojinguchi-dori Street is a street running eat-west in Kyoto City. The street itself is short, not even reaching a length of 500m, and runs from Kojin-bashi Bridge which is on the Kamo-gawa River (Yodo-gawa River series) to Teramachi-dori Street to the west.

This is the shortest route from the Imperial Palace to Mt. Hiei, and the road takes a path inside of Kamo-gawa River and bears east and slightly northward to Shigagoemichi road.

The name came from Gojo-in Temple which was located on Teramachi-dori Street higashi iru which used to be dedicated to Kojin.

Main Roadside Facilities

Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies, Kyoto University, Kawabata-dori Street
Kyoto District Legal Affairs Bureau, Sanbongi higashi-iru
Gojo-in Temple (Sanpo kojin), Shin Karasuma higashi-iru
Kyoto Prefectural Ouki High School, Teramachi-dori Street sagaru
Kyoto Imperial Garden (Kyoto Gyoen), Teramachi-dori Street

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