Kujo-dori Street (九条通)

Kujo-dori Street is one of the major east-west streets in Kyoto City. It corresponds to the Kujo-oji Street south of Heian-kyo. It is connected to Higashioji-dori Street at Higashiyama-bashi-higashizume of the Kamo-gawa River (Yodo-gawa River system) in the east, and it meets Kadonooji-dori Street in the west. Its course greatly differs from that in the Heian period because the street now turns moderately southward from the west side of the Senbon-dori Street and also extends south from Nishioji-dori Street.

There was Rajomon Gate around the crossing with the present Senbaon-dori Street. The Rajomon Gate was not repaired after being ruined by a destructive storm in 980, so today only a monument is left in its place.

The street was widened in the first year of Showa.

Kyoto City Trams, which opened in 1939 between Higashioji-dori Street and Nishioji-dori Street, was abolished in 1978.

The section between Abura-no-koji dori Street and Mibugawa-dori Street (Keihan-kokudo guchi) belongs to National Route 1, and the section between Mibugawa-dori Street and Kadonooji-dori Street belongs to National Route 171.

Crossing roads

Roads are operated by local municipalities unless otherwise specified.

Main facilities along the street

Higashiyama-bashi Bridge (Kamo-gawa River (Yodo-gawa River System))

Kyoto Municipal Toka Elementary School

Karasuma Line of the Kyoto Municipal Subway - Kujo Station (Kyoto Prefecture)

Kyoto Municipal Toka Junior High School

Kujo Office, Kyoto City Bus

Kyoto-minami (south) Revenue Office, Kyoto Prefecture

Kintetsu Kyoto Line - Toji Station

To-ji Temple

Kyoto Prefectural Toba High School

Kyoto Municipal Rakuyo Technical High School

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