Kumiyama Notteko Bus (久御山町のってこバス)

Kumiyama Notteko Bus is a community bus which is managed by Kumiyama-cho, Kuse-gun, Kyoto Prefecture.

It was formerly run by Keihan Bus, Keihan City Bus, Keihan Uji Kotsu, and Keihan Uji bus but at present, it is operated by Keihan Bus and Keihan Uji Bus due to mergers and abolishments of lines.

The name of the east route, is introduced on the Keihan Bus official website as "Kumiyama Jisshojikken" (Kumiyama demonstration experiment), while the name of the west tour is introduced on the Keihan Uji Bus official website as "Kumiyama Community Bus Westbound Line." Also it is recorded as being the "Kumiyamacho Junkai Bus" (Kumiyama Town Circuit Bus) which a generic name listed on the Kumiyama-cho official website.

It is also known simply as the "Notteko Bus."


January 15, 2004: Opening of the base route (Chushojima Station (at that time, there was no bus-stop at Chushojima Station) - Kumiyama Danchi)

July 2, 2004: The test drive for the base line was finished (at this time, the base line was extended to Okubo Station (Kyoto Prefecture) and renamed from community bus to general line). Test drive starts on the east route and the west route.

April 1, 2007: A part of the east route for the community bus is changed

June 22, 2007: The number of people using the bus tops 100,000 people

Fare etc.

Fare for all lines are 1500 yen for adults, 800 yen for children

The Keihan Group common bus card and Surutto Kansai can be used for payment (Keihan Bus One Day ticket can not be used, as it is typically considered as being out of scope).

Also, "East-West circuit route tickets" are sold as an original book of coupons, except for the cards above.
1,000 yen (eight tickets) only for adults

The tickets allow for transfers at the JUSCO kumiyama Stop to East route and West route (transfer tickets are sold here).

Also, fare is free on the last Sunday of each month.

Service route

East Course (Keihan Bus Hirakata Office is in charge)

«1»JUSCO Kumiyama - Shin Tamaki -Kogyodanchi - Sako- Kakiuchi - Kumiyama Danchi - Sakae Chuokoen (Sakae Central Park) - Hayashi - Sayama - Shimotsuya - Kogyodanchi (Industrial Park) - Shin Tamaki - JUSCO kumiyama

«2»JUSCO Kumiyama - Shin Tamaki (*1) -Kumiyama-choritsu Kumiyama Chugakko (Kumiyama Town Kumiyama Junior High School) - Taiarami -Kumiyamacho-yakuba (Kumiyama Town Office)

Runs from «1» to «2», in order.

The first bus for «1» departs from Sako, and the ninth bus arrives at Shimotsuya.

*1 The first bus doesn't go through there.

There is no particular route number which is set.

West Course (Keihan Uji Bus, Uji office is in charge)

28/28B route: (Ichida =>) JUSCO Kumiyama - Murahigashi - Kumiyama choritsu Mimaki shogakko (Kumiyama Town Kumiyama Elementary School) - Aijima Kokaido-mae - Aijima nishi - Higashiimoarai-minami - Aijima-kita - Bonoike - Kitakawazura - Yodoshinmachi - Keihan Yodo

29/29B route: (Ichida ←) JUSCO Kumiyama -Murahigashi - Mimaki shogakko - Aijima Kodaido mae - Aijima nishi - Higashiimoarai-nishi - Maekawa-bashi -Higasiimoarai-nishi - Aijima-nishi - Bonoike - Kitakawazura - Yodoshinmachi - Keihan Yodo

Each bus which departs from Ichida Stop is numbered as 28B/29B routes. Route 28B runs only once in the morning (the first bus goes to Yodo), and Route 29B runs only once at night (the last bus departs from Yodo).

The courses above are called "East Circuit Route" and "West Circuit Route," or together are called "East and West Circuit Route" in Kumiyama Town Office.

Cancelled routes

KUMIYAMA EXPRESS (at that time, it shared management with Keihan Bus Hirakata Office, Keihan Bus Kyotanabe Office, Keihan Bus Rakunan Office, and Keihan Uji Bus Uji Office.)

Kumiyana Danchi - Sako - Shin Tamaki - JUSCO Kumiyama Stop - JUSCO higashi - (Nishiotesuji) - Chushojima

It was the original route for the current number 25 route (which shared management with Kyoto City Bus Rakunan Office and Keihan Uji Basu Uji/ Tanabe Office) of Okubo Chushojima line, but due to a part of the Rakunan Road being incomplete, the bus going to Chushojim ran National Road No. 1 from JUSCO higashi, and ran the same route from Chushojima as it does now. When it became a regular route, it extended its line from Kumiyama danchi to Kintetsu Okubo, also a part of bus which was managed by Keihan Uji Bus Uji Office was established the route (the route 23) that goes to Uji garage.

Current route (East Route/ West Route)

East Route

It uses Hino Liesse which is provided by the Keihan Bus Hirakata Office.

The paint differs other series of the same car which is provided by the same office, and features a puzzle pattern which is the same as the Kurutto Bus.

When it was opened, it used Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa which was transferred from Keihan Bus Kadoma Office (at present, the bus uses Town-kuru which was retransferred to the Keihan Bus Neyagawa Office). Also, since there are no extra cars for the specialized cars, small cars (with regular bodywork) are used as a substitute when the regular vehicles are being inspected..

West route

Uses Hino Liesse which is provided at the Keihan Uji Bus Uji Office.

The bodywork features a puzzle pattern and is the same as the car for the East Route, uses a green puzzle design on cream color base.

For its opening, it used Hino Rainbow RB/ AB, and these cars are now used as backup vehicles.

Cancelled routes

The four companies used large-sized a long middle-size vehicle which was provided at each office.

The current route 25/23 of Okubo line follows them (currently it sometimes uses middle-size vehicles).

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