Kurumayacho-dori Street (車屋町通)

The Kurumayacho-dori Street is a street running north-south through Kyoto City. It extends from Marutamachi-dori Street in the north to Aneyakoji-dori Street in the south, running a block east of Karasuma-dori Street. Akezunomon-dori Street runs along its southern extension.


It did not exist in Heiankyo and was built by Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI according to his Tensho zoning policy. It made transportation convenient, because the Higashinotoin-dori Street continues to Takeda kaido a block east. Therefore there were many transportation related dealers along the street, and was the origin of street's name.

Main Facilities along the Street

Kyoto Imperial Palace Park

Kyoto Shimbun head office (side entrance)

Heartpia Kyoto


Kyoto City Subway Karasuma Line - Marutamachi Station - Karasuma Oike Station

Kyoto City Subway Tozai Line - Karasuma Oike Station

Akezunomon-dori Street

The Akezunomon-dori Street, located along the southern extension of the Kurumayacho-dori Street, runs in the north from the gate of Byodo-ji Temple, Matsubara-dori Street agaru to Shiokoji-dori Street north of Kyoto Station in the south. A section along the east side of the Shinshu Honbyo merges with Karasuma-dori Street, because Karasuma-dori street was arranged slightly east to avoid the private road of Higashihongan-ji Temple when it was widened in order to make way for the Kyoto City Karasuma Line tram.

The name of the street comes from the gate of Inaba Yakushido (Byodo-ji Temple) located at its northern end, which was always closed.
It is more commonly called 'Akezu-dori' rather than 'Akezunomon-dori.'

There are many inns, stations or loggings for sectarians visiting from all parts of the county, and shops of Buddhist altar articles because the area between the Rokujo-dori Street and the Shichijo-dori Street is near Higashihongan-ji Temple. There are many inns in the area south of Shichijo-dori Street, because of its close proximity to Kyoto Station.

Main Facilities along the Street

Byodo-ji Temple (Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City)

Shinshu Honbyo

Kyoto City Subway Karasuma Line - Gojo Station - Kyoto Station

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