Kyoto – Maizuru Route (京都 - 舞鶴線)

Kyoto – Maizuru Route is a highway bus that connects Kyoto City and Ayabe City/Maizuru City.

The seat of all the buses must be complemented for the operation.

When Kyoto Kotsu began the operation, the route was belonged to the national highway main route bus service. There were rapid service, limited express service (they began super limited express service just before the company quit the management), and many, complicated routes.


April 1, 2005: They abolished the buses that had run to Hankyu Katsura Bus Stop/Shijo Kawaramachi Bus Stop. There remained only the buses that ran from/to Kyoto Station-mae.

March 21, 2006: As they had switched one of the cars to more profitable Maizuru – Kobe Route, they reduced the operations from five round services a day to four round services a day.

October 21, 2008: As they had switched the National Highway 27 route, which connected Ayabe Ankoku-ji Interchange and Kyo Tanba-wachi Interchange, to the new Kyoto Jukan Expressway route, which connected the same two bus stops, they abolished Ayabe Ohashi Bus Stop of the former route.

The current operating company
Kyoto Kotsu in Maizuru City
The Maizuru office operates four round buses in the daytime.

West Japan JR Bus Company assists Kyoto Kotsu in selling the tickets and operating.

The bus stops
Karasuma Exit of Kyoto Station: It operates only boarding for down-bound (Kyoto - Maizuru) and only alighting for up-bound (Maizuru - Kyoto). Nishi Maizuru Station/Naka Maizuru Station/Maizuru Office: It operates only boarding for up-bound (Maizuru - Kyoto) and only alighting for down-bound (Kyoto - Maizuru).

The route
Internal Minami Ward, Kyoto City – Kuzebashi-dori – National Highway 9 – Kutsukake Interchange – Kyoto Jukan Expressway – Tanba Interchange – National Highway 9 – National Highway 27 – Kyo-Tanba-wachi Interchange – Kyoto Jukan Expressway – Ayabe Ankoku-ji Interchange – National Highway 27 – Internal Maizuru City

The required time and the fare
Karasuma Exit of Kyoto Station – Maizuru office
Two hours and twenty-six minutes in the daytime
2,300 yen for one way
Karasuma Exit of Kyoto Station – Higashi Maizuru Station-mae
Two hours and one minute in the daytime
2,300 yen for one way
Karasuma Exit of Kyoto Station – Nishi Maizuru Station-mae
One hour and forty-three minutes in the daytime
2,000 yen for one way
It is necessary to pay cash on the departure date, the way it was when the services started by Kyoto Kotsu.

The services a day
Four round services in the daytime

The bus interiors

Three row independent seats (four row seats in some buses)
Foot rests
Leg rests
Video and a multiple stereo
Wet towels

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