Marutamachi-dori Street (丸太町通)

Marutamachi-dori Street is one of the major east-west streets in Kyoto City. The street, comprising a four-lane road with pedestrian paths, is operated as the Shishigadani-Arashiyama Line of Kyoto City Road 187. Traffic congestion is common during the morning and evening rush hours.

It extends from Shishigadani-dori Street in the east to the Saga-shakado-daimon-cho, Ukyo Ward, in the west. Its west end, which was once Nishinokyo-Enmachi crossing in Nakagyo Ward, was extended from Nishinokyo-Enmachi to Myoshinji-mae crossing in 1966, and further to Saga-shakado-daimon-cho crossing, Ukyo Ward, in 1970. Most of these extended sections are referred to as Shin-marutamachi-dori Street (new Marutamachi-dori Street).

The Marutamachi-dori Street corresponds to the Kasuga-koji Street of Heian-kyo. The name of the street is said to come from the fact that many lumber dealers were located in Nishi-horikawa, which lies along this street. It runs along the southern edge of Kyoto Gyoen National Park. Some maps in the Edo period referred to it as Marutamachi-dori (丸田町通) (as compared to the present-day Marutamachi-dori (丸太町通)).

Crossing roads

East is upper, and west is lower. North is to the left, and south is to the right.

Roads are operated by local municipalities unless otherwise specified.

Traffic volume

Fiscal year 2005 Average Weekday 24-hour Traffic Volume (numbers) (Road Traffic Census)

Uzumasa-kitaro-cho, Ukyo Ward: 20,011

Main facilities along the street

(From east)

Kyoto Municipal Okazaki Junior High School

Okazaki-jinja Shrine

Kyoto Municipal Kinrin Elementary School

Sakyo Revenue Office

Kyoto Budo Center (Kyoto Center of Martial Arts)

Kumano-jinja Shrine

Keihan Electric Railway - Marutamachi Station (Keihan)

Marutamachi-bashi Bridge (Kamo-gawa River (Yodo-gawa River system))

Kyoto Gyoen - Kyoto Gosho (Old Imperial Palace)

Kyoto District Court

Karasuma Line of the Kyoto Municipal Subway - Marutamachi Station (Kyoto Municipal Subway)

Daigokuden-ato (remains of Daigokuden)

Kyoto City Library, central branch

Kyoto Asny

Kyoto Preventive Medical Center

Kyoto Municipal Suzaku Daini Elementary School

Sanin Main Line (Sagano Line) - Enmachi Station - Hanazono Station (Kyoto Prefecture)

Ho-kongoin Temple

Kitano Line of the Keifuku Electric Railroad, Tokiwa Station (Kyoto Prefecture)

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