Mikage-dori Street (御蔭通)

Mikage-dori Street is a street running east-west through Sakyo-Ward, Kyoto City. It runs from Shigagoemichi road in the east, and Shimogamohon-dori Street which is on the south east side of Shimogamo-jinja Shrine in the west to a crossing at Shimogamonaka-dori Street. It is a middle sized highway between Imadegawa-dori Street and Kitaoji-dori Street which is used by Kyoto City buses.

For Shigagoemichi road which is also called Kyoto/Shiga Prefectural Road 30 Shimogamo-Otsu Line, access is gained through Shirakawa-dori Street and Higashioji-dori Street because it becomes a narrow one-way street south-west from Mikage-dori Street.
The intersection name is Kitashirakawa-Shibusecho
The area from the intersection at Shirakawa-dori Street (Kitashirakawa-Bettocho) to around Kyoto University, North Campus is a residential area where many professors live. A line divides the north of Tadasu no Mori forest at Kamo Mioya-jinja Shrine (Shimogamo-jinja Shrine) and continues onward to the intersection at Higashioji-dori Street (Tanakasatonomae), and across the Eizan Electric Railway, then across the Takano River on Mikage-dori Bridge.

Cross Roads

Intersecting streets without signs belong to the city.

Main Roadside Facilities

The Japan Baptist Hospital: northwest of the Shigagoemichi road

Kyoto University, North Campus (ground, experiment farm for faculty of agriculture)

Eizanhonsen Line, Eizan Electric Railway - Mototanaka Station: Higashioji-dori Street agaru

Kyoto Prefectural Police Shimogamo Police Station: Kawabata-dori Street sagaru

Kamo Mioya-jinja Shrine (Shimogamo-jinja Shrine)

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