Nagatsuji-dori Street (長辻通)

Nagatsuji-dori Street is a street in Kyoto City. This street runs from the north end of Togetsu-kyo Bridge in the south to the front of Saga Shaka-do in the north (in front of Nio-mon Gate at Seiryo-ji Temple), and runs through the center of Arashiyama which is a picturesque place in Kyoto, and contains heavy traffic caused by sighseers.

The busies area is from Togetsu-kyo Brigde to Tenryu-ji Temple. Recently, a regulation making all north bound traffic one-way was implemented during the fall sightseeing seasion for he section beteen Sanjo-dori Street and Marutamachi-dori Street (Shinmarutamachi-dori Street).

There is less vehicle and pedestrian traffic north bound from Marutamachi-dori Street, and a straight street continues up until the Nio-mon Gate of Seiryo-ji Temple (Saga Shaka-do) as an eyestop.

From the end of the street in front of Saga Shaka-do to the west, the street is known as Nison-in Temple, while the street northbound which goes through Toriimoto and continues to Mt. Atago, is called Atago kaido.

In the south, it goes through Togetu-kyo Bridge and becomes Saga kaido and runs south on the right side shore of the Katsura-gawa River.

In front of Saga Shaka-do
- Crossing - (Marutamachi-dori Street)
- Togetsu-kyo Bridge Crossing - (Sanjo-dori Street)
Togetsu-kyo Bridge - Saga kaido

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