Nakadachiuri-dori Street (中立売通)

Nakadachiuri-dori Street is a street running east-west through Kyoto City. It runs from Nakadachiuri-gomon Gate at Kyoto Gyoen (Kyoto Imperial Garden) westward and connects Ichijo-dori Street at Shichihonmatsu-dori Street. Two lanes are maintained from Horikawa-dori Street westward, but the street eastward is narrow. There are many Kyoto Prefecture based public facilities, and others can be found from Karasuma-dori Street to Aburakoji-dori Street.

The name of Nakadachiuri-dori Street stems from the fact that many people used to have businesses without storefronts.

Public Transportation
Kyoto City Bus line runs westward from Horikawa-dori Street. This substitutes for Kyoto City Railway, the Kitano Line.

Main Roadside Facilities
Kyoto Gyoen (Kyoto Imperial Garden)
Kyoto Art Live Theater International (ALTI)
Kyoto City Shinmachi Elementary School
Kyoto Brighton Hotel
Kyoto Forestry Office
Kyoto Prefecture Women's Consultation Office
Kyoto Prefecture Rehabilitation Consultation Office for the Mentally Challenged
Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto Child Consultation Office
Nishijin Employment Security Office

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