Sakuranobanba-dori Street (桜馬場通)

Sakuranobanba-dori Street is a street running from north to south in Sakyo Ward in Kyoto City. Sakuranobanba-dori Street is a short street from the north end of Marutamach-dori Street to a point on Reizei-dori Street at its south end and spans a length of less than 300 m. Sakuranobanba-dori Street has sidewalks and car lanes separated from each other because the street passes through Okazaki Park.

Ordinary residences line only the west side of the northern half of Sakuranobanba-dori Street. Various kinds of facilities of Okazaki City line Sakuranobanba-dori Street on its east side and include Kyoto Municipal Martial Arts Center at the northmost position, ex-Butokuden hall which is a Kyoto Municipal Designated Cultural Asset, and the Heian-jingu Shrine parking lot. The west side of the south half of Sakuranobanba-dori Street is adjacent to a section of the main line of Lake Biwa Canal which flows northward. There is a side entrance of Kyoto Kaikan Hall on the south east end of Reizei-bashi Bridge on Reizei-dori Street at the south end of Sakuranobanba-dori Street.

Main Facilities along Sakuranobanba-dori Street

Kyoto Municipal Martial Arts Center in the south of Maruta-machi zone.

Ex-Butokuden on Takeyacho-dori Street

Heian-jingu Shrine

Lake Biwa Canal

Kyoto Kaikan Hall

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