Samegai-dori Street (醒ヶ井通)

Samegai-dori Street is a street running north-south through Kyoto City. Samegai-dori Street runs from Rokkaku-dori Street at its north end to Gojo-dori Street at its south end. Samegai-dori Street is divided in the middle by Kyoto Municipal Horikawa High School between Takoyakushi-dori Street and Nishikikoji-dori Street. A section of Samegai-dori Street south of Gojo-dori Street vanished because Horikawa-dori Street which is located next to and west of the street was expanded eastward and overlapped the section.

This street did not exist in Heiankyo and was newly constructed according to the Tensho no Jiwari (land allotment system in Tensho era) ordered by Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI. Samegai-dori Street was named after the well 'Samegai' which was located in Horikawagojo and whose water was famous for its excellent quality.

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