Sanjo-dori Street (三条通)

Sanjo-dori Street is a road in Nara City, Nara Prefecture. It is a boulevard running through the heart of Nara City, the prefectural seat of government, in the east-west direction.

Starting at the torii gate of Kasuga-taisha Shrine, the road extends into Ikoma City (Nara Prefecture) and to Kuragari-toge Pass in Mt. Ikoma.
More commonly, the name refers to the road east of JR Nara Station; the road is lined with retail shops, restaurants, hotels, banks, convenience stores and other establishments and draws a large number of visitors.
Alongside historic, prestigious retailers serving local customers and gift shops for tourists, the number of nationally franchise restaurants and cafes has grown in recent years.
Though located in central Nara City, the street is only 8 meters wide, plan is under way to widen it to 16 meters.
It is a one-lane road, car traffic allowed only in the eastward direction, and the street is turned into a pedestrians' paradise on holidays.

The road west of the Sanjo Sakae-cho intersection is expected to be widened as Sanjo Sugawara Line, together with improvement of the Omiya-dori Line, and to become a road with two lanes on each side.
This street was part of National Route 24 until the opening of Nara Bypass on National Route 24.

The street serves as the main route for parades in Basara-matsuri Festival, Saigusa-matsuri Festival and Kasuga Wakamiya Onmatsuri Festival.

The street name derives from Sanjo-oji Street under the Bojosei street planning scheme for Heijo-kyo.
In the area close to Nara Station of Kintetsu line, it intersects with Yasuragino-michi Street, Konishi Sakuradori Shopping Street, Higashimukai Shopping Street and Mochiidono-dori Street. Naramichi is located south of Yasuragino-michi Street and Mochiidono-dori Street. To the north along Yasuragino-chi Street are Nara Kitamachi, Konoike Athletic Park, Nara Television and Nara-Dreamland.

On a clear day, the beautiful greenery of Kasugayama Primeval Forest can be seen between the buildings on both sides of the street.

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