Shimogamo Nishi-dori Street (下鴨西通)

Shimogamo Nishi-dori Street is a street running north-south in Sakyo Ward in Kyoto City. Shimogamo Nishi-dori Street runs northward on the east bank of the Kamo-gawa River (in Yodo-gawa River system) from the east end of Aoi-bashi Bridge on Shimogamo Hon-dori Street to the front gate of Kyoto Prefectural Botanical Garden. Walking towards incoming traffic is allowed on Shimogamo Nishi-dori Street as opposed to the section from a point on Kitaoji-dori Street to a point on Mikage-dori Street of Shimogamo Naka-dori Street which is located one street east of Shimogamo Nishi-dori Street. The area along Shimogamo Nishi-dori Street is a residential area and some celebrities in the business and financial world of Kyoto used to live there.

Main Facilities along Shimogamo Nishi-dorii Street
The Kyoto Family Court at the east end of Aoi-bashi Bridge
Kyoto Municipal Shimogamo Elementary School
Kyoto Prefectural Botanical Garden

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