Shimogamohon-dori Street (下鴨本通)

Shimogamohon-dori Street is a main street running north-sout though Kyoto City.

The street runs through the center of Shimogamo, Sakyo Ward, south east, and continues to run up to Kawaramachi-dori Street through the Shin Aoi-bashi Bridge which is on the Kamo-gawa River (Yodo-gawa River series).

The street runs wide and straight with four car lanes, which differs from the other streets running north-south from Shimogamo, such as Shimogamohigashi-dori Street, Shimogamonaka-dori Street, and Shimogamonishi-dori Street.

Kyoto City Railway, Kawaramachi Line used to run from Kitaoji-dori Street (the bus stop was located at Kyoto Prefectural Rakuhoku High School), (at that time, the bus stop was known as Shiden Rakuhokukoko-mae, and the train station was known as Rakuhokukoko-mae), and intersecting with Shimogamohon-dori Kitaoji-dori Street) to the south until 1978.

Kamo Mioya-jinja Shrine (Shimogamo-jinja Shrine) is located on this street.

Cross Roads

The upper side is considered the northern portion, while the lower side is considered the southern portion. The left side is considered the western portion, while the right side is considered the east portion.

Cross roads with signs belong to the city.

Main Roadside Facilities

Kyoto Notre Dame University, Notre Dame Elementary School, Kitayama-dori Street

Kyoto Prefectural Rakuhoku High School

Kamo Mioya-jinja Shrine (Shimogamo-jinja Shrine)

Kyoto Family Court, Shin Aoi-bashi Bridge Nishi-zume

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