Shimotachiuri-dori Street (下立売通)

Shimotachiuri-dori (also called Shimodachiuri-dori) Street is a street running east-west through Kyoto City. In the east, this street runs from Karasuma-dori Street at Nishi suberi of Kyoto Gyoen (Kyoto Imperial Garden) to Saga Setogawa-cho, Ukyo-Ward in the west..

A part of the street used to be Kadenokoji in Heiankyo. The Kyoto Prefectural Government is located at the intersection with Kamanza-dori Street, Daruma-ji Temple (Horin-ji Temple (Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto City)) is located at Kamiyagawa Higashi-iru, while Myoshin-ji Temple and Hokongo-in Temple is located at Hanazono, Ukyo Ward.

Shimono-Shimotachiuri-dori Street
Taking a part of Onmae-dori street as the eastern edge, Myoshinjimichi road is known as Kamino-shimotachiuri-dori Street or 'Kamino-Shimodachi' for short, and the section between Simono-Shimotauchi-dori Street which runs side by side with it is called 'Shimono-Shimodachi.'
The spot which connects Marutamachi-dori street at Hanazono, Ukyo Ward forms the western edge of Shimono-Shimotachiuri-dori Street.

Kamino-Shimotachiuri-dori street
On the other hand, Kamino-Shimotachiuri-dori Street runs to a spot which connects Marutamachi-dori Street that runs in front of the main gate of Myoshin-ji Temple, and heads south on the west side of Hokongo-in Temple. It is then interrupted, but once continues on a new road established along the south of the Sanin Main Line in front of the Hanazono Station (Kyoto Prefecture), and goes through the Hanazono Kuro-bashi Bridge on Tenjingawa-dori Street and continues to Saga Setogawa-cho, Ukyo Ward headed towards Tokiwa.

The interruption at Kamino-Shimotachiuri-dori Street located at the intersection with Marutamachi-dori Street occurred together with the construction of an elevated railroad between Nijo Station and Hanazono Station of the Sanin Main Line, whereby a part of the road which used to run straight through the intersection was eliminated and replaced with a railway crossing.

When Nishinokyo Enmachi, the intersection with Nishioji-dori Street, used to be the western edge for Marutamachi-dori Street, Kamino-Shimotachiuri-dori Street acted as an important road for facilitiating daily life that continued to Ukyo Ward. However, the street was extremely narrow in all sections, making it difficult for vehicles to pass each other, and traffic jams occuring when buses passed through. The traffic jams were not cleard until the Marutamachi-dori Street was extended to the west.

Main Roadside Facilities

Kyoto Gyoen (Kyoto Imperial Garden)

Heian Jogakuin St. Agnes' Junior High School/High School

Kyoto Prefectural Police Department

Kyoto Prefectural Government

Horin-ji Temple (Kamigyo-Ward, Kyoto City) (Daruma-dera Temple)

Kyoto Labor Standards Inspection Office

Hanazono Junior and Senior High School

Myoshin-ji Temple

Hokongo-in Temple

Hanazono Station (Kyoto Prefecture)

Kyoto Prefecture Sagano High School

Saga-Arashiyama Station

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