Shinmachi-dori Street (新町通)

The Shinmachi-dori Street is one of the major north-south running streets of Kyoto City.

It extends from the Geni-dori Street in the north to Kuzebashi-dori Street in the south, though it is divided by Kyoto Station.

It corresponds to the Machi-koji (Machijiri-koji Street) of Heiankyo.

The reason why the name was changed from Machi-koji Street to Shinmachi-dori Street is unknown.

It runs along the eastern edge of Kyoto Prefectural Head Office and the western edge of Higashi Hongan-ji Temple.

During the Gion Festival, the street is the last parade route taken by Yamahoko, Gion Festival floats: all floats carried west along Oike-dori Street turn south along Shinmachi-dori Street and return to their own hokocho (towns with hoko, float). This is why the street has no electric wires crossing the street.

Main facilities along the Street
Kita Ward Office of Kyoto City
Kyoto primary school attached to Kyoto University of Education/Kyoto junior school attached to Kyoto University of Education
Shinmachi Campus, Doshisha University
St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church, Nishijin
Kyoto Prefectural Head Office/Kyoto Police headquarters/Nakadachiuri Police Station
Kyoto Second Red Cross Hospital
Ikenobo College
Higashi Hongan-ji Temple (Shin-shu Honbyo)

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