Shinmonzen-dori Street (新門前通)

Shinmonzen-dori Street is a street running east - west through Higashiyama Ward in Kyoto City. Shinmonzen-dori Street runs from a point on Higashioji-dori Street at its east end to Yamatooji-dori Street (Nawate-dori Street) at its west end and spans a length of about 400 m. Shinmonzen-dori Street also extends to Kawabata-dori Street west of Yamatooji-dori Street.

Shinmonzen-doori street is located almost on the north edge of Gion. Shinmonzen-dori Street is a street where antique stores and old-art-work stores are concentrated most in Kyoto, and with an especially high concentration in a section between Higashioji-dori Street and Hanamikoji-dori Street.

Shinmonzen-dori (literally, a new street in front of a gate) Street was given its name as opposed to the fact that the street running in front of the front gate of Chion-in Temple was named Komonzen-dori (literally, an old street in front of a gate) Street.

Main facility along Shinmonzen-dori Street

Chion-in Temple

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