Shiokoji-dori Street (塩小路通)

Shiokoji-dori Street is one of the major east-west streets in Kyoto City. It runs from Higashioji-dori Street in the east to Omiya-dori Street in the west between Shichijo-dori Street and the Tokaido Main Line.

It corresponds to Hachijo-bomon-koji Street in Heian-kyo.

It is the first avenue encountered by passengers getting out of Kyoto Station to the north, and the section between Kawaramachi-dori Street and Horikawa-dori Street is busy with many buses arriving at and departing from the Karasuma-guchi gateway, Kyoto Station. Kyoto Tower faces this street. The original Shiono-koji Street, which is the origin of the street name, was the present-day Kizuyabashi-dori Street, the next street northward.

Kyoto City Trams used to run from the front of Kyoto Station; trams (standard-gauge) ran east to Kawaramachi-dori Street and those (narrow-gauge, also called N-den) ran west to Nishinotoin-dori Street.

East from Kawaramachi-dori Street and west from Horikawa-dori Street, the street is narrower.

Crossing roads

East is upper, and west is lower. North is left, and south is right.

Roads are operated by local municipalities unless otherwise specified.

Main facilities along the street

Sanjusangendo Temple

Kyoto Tower

Kyoto Station

Hankyu Hotel Management Co., Ltd.

Kyoto Central Post Office

Kyoto Takeda Hospital

Shimogyo Ward Office in Kyoto City

Rihga Royal Hotel Kyoto

Umekoji Park

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