Shirakawa-dori Street (白川通)

The Shirakawa-dori Street is a street running north-south through Kyoto city. It runs farther east than Higashioji-dori Street, extending from Takaragaike-dori Street in the north to Niomon-dori Street (Nanzen-ji Temple). It runs along the Shira-kawa River, a tributary of the Kamo-gawa River (Yodo-gawa water system).

The section from Imadegawa-dori Street (Ginkakuji michi) to Kitayama-dori Street (Shugakuin-michi Street) is bordered with trees such as ginkgo and zelkova. It is a fashionable street comparable to Kitayama-dori Street, lined with restaurants, boutiques, antique shops, and ethnic foods restaurants. Many students are found in the street, because Kyoto University of Art and Design is located along the street at Kamihatecho. Agricultural fields still remain in areas north of Kitaoji-dori Street.

The section from Takaragaike-dori Street to the crossing with Marutamachi-dori Street, Higashi-tennocho, has 4 lanes. The 300-meter long section from Hanazonobashi Crossing to the bifurcation point with Kawabata-dori Street around the Takaragaike Station belongs to National Highway Route no. 367 and the section between Kitaoji-dori Street and Niomon-dori Street is Kyoto City Municipal Road No. 182 Keage-Takano-sen. The intersection with Eizan Main Line, Eizan Electric Railway, south of Takaragaike Station, is a vehicle-only overpass.

The section between the Marutamachi-dori Street and Niomon-dori Street is a 2-lane street, which is just like Shishigadani-dori Street, often crowded with taxis and sightseeing buses headed for Nanzenji Temple and Eikando during the spring and autumn sightseeing seasons.

Cross streets

The upper side is considered the northern portion, while the lower side is considered the southern portion. The left side is considered the western portion, while the right side is considered the east portion.

Roads unless specified are operated by local municipalities.

Facilities along the Street

Shugakuin Imperial Villa

Jisho-ji (Ginkaku-ji) Temple

Kyoto University of Art and Design

Main shop of Tenkaippin Ramen

Shirakawa-dori Street (Gion)

Also, downstream of the Shira-kawa River, streets having the name of Shirakawa-dori Street are found in Gion.

There are 2 Shirakwa-dori Streets, because the Shira-kawa river takes a crank course in Gion and the street along the east-west running river between Higashioji-dori Street and Hanamikoji-dori Street is Shirakawa-kita-dori Street, while the street from Gion-shinbashi to Yamato-oji-dori Street is Shirakawa-minami-dori Street. Notably, the atmosphere of Old Gion still remains along Shirakawa-minami-dori Street.

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