Takaragaike-dori Street (宝ヶ池通)

Takaragaike-dori Street is a primary street running east-west through Kyoto City. It is a highway in Iwakura, Sakyo Ward area.

The street runs from Shirakawa-dori Street to Hateda area. On the way it diverges south, and goes down Kitsunezaka, and then connects to Kitayama-dori Street.

There are many apartments and stores, as well as the Kokusaikaikan Station and Kyoto International Conference Center along a straight stretch of road in the Iwakura area. There are two lanes on each side from Shirakawa-dori Street until it reaches the junction, and from there on is a single lane road on each side. There is one lane on each side at the junction side from Takaragaike Tunnel.

At the section which connects Kitayama-dori Street after a junction, there was a steep slope with hairpin turns, called Kitsunezaka, but the Kitsunezaka bridge was completed in April 18, 2006, and it became a useful route to the Kokusaikaikan from the city.

The letter of 'Myo' of Myoho which is one of the Gozan no Okuribi (Bonfires on Five Mountains) on the north side of this bridge, makes the bridge appear 20% thinner.

Main Facilities on the Street

Doshisha High School
Kyoto City Subway, Karasuma Line - Kokusaikaikan Station
Kyoto International Conference Center
Grand Prince Hotel Kyoto (former Kyoto Takaragaike Prince Hotel)
Takaragaike Park
Takaragaike Park Sports Facility Ball Park
Myoho bonfire (one of the Gozan no Okuribi)
Notre Dame Elementary School
Kyoto Notre Dame University

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