Takatsuji-dori Street (高辻通)

The Takatsuji-dori Street is a street running east-west running in Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture. It corresponds to the Takatsuji-koji Street of Heiankyo. It runs in the east from the right bank of Kamo-gawa River (Yodo-gawa water system) to the crossing of 'Takatsuji-Umezu Kaido Road' in the west.

Until modern times some called this street Bukkoji-dori Street, because it faces south of Bukko-ji Temple--the current Bukkoji-dori Street was called Gojo-bomon-dori Street.

It is fairly busy because it is the only street having two lanes between Shijo-dori Street and Gojo-dori Street.

For reference, the northern latitude of 35 degrees of the World Geodetic System 1984 (WGS84) parallels along the southern edge of Takatsuji-dori Street. It is not known whether the line coincidently matches the street or if it was marked so for the purpose of identifying the location of the northern latitude of 35 degrees.

Facilities along the Street

Bukko-ji Temple
Hotel Nikko Princess Kyoto
Headquarters of Bank of Kyoto
Gojo Police Station
Kodai Yuzen-en and Gallery

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