Takeda-kaido Road (竹田街道)

The Takeda-kaido Road is one of the roads which links Kyo (the heart of Kyoto City) and Fushimi (the Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City). It extended from the Takeda-guchi exit, which can be cited as one of the Seven Exits of Kyoto, to the Fushimi Port via the former Takeda-mura, Kii-gun (present day Takeda, Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City).

It is regarded as a part of Nara-kaido Road or Kyo-kaido Road.

Today it still links the heart of Kyoto City with Fushimi City and serves as a primary highway and is part of the National Highway Route No. 24 leading to Nara City.


The Takeda-kaido Road is said to have been built during the Edo period. It was paved with Kuruma-ishi stones, and goods were transported by carriages pulled by cattle. Some Kuruma-ishi stones were left in Toka Elementary School.

In 1895 Japan's first commercial electric railroad was built roughly along Takeda-kaido Road by Kyoto Denki Tetsudo (Kyoto Electric Railway) between Kyoto Station and Kyobashi, Kyoto City. The railroad was taken over by Kyoto-Shiden (Kyoto Municipal Streetcar), which was stopped in 1970 before the city tram was completely abolished.

In 1971, the following year, Takeda-kaido Road was designated as National Highway Route No. 24.

Current route

Today Fushimi-ko-Kyoto-Teishajo-sen, Kyoto Fudo 115 Go (Kyoto Prefectural Road 115) (with the section from Takeda-kaido Jujo-dori to Fukakusa-kagayashiki-cho overlapping with the National Highway Route No. 24) is called Takeda-kaido Road. The Kyoto Fudo 115 Go runs from Takeda-kaido Hachijo-dori to the Kyoto-sotokanjo-sen Belt Line in Fushimi Ward.

Though it runs on the extension line of Higashinotoin-dori Street, today, Kyoto Station interrupts it halfway; Takakura Rikkyo overpass (nicknamed Takabashi) joins it with Takakura-dori Street at Shiokoji-Takakura, allowing it to connect with the northern side of Kyoto Station.

Fushimi-kaido Road runs parallel about 1 km east of the Road along the foot of mountains.

Cross roads

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