Takeyamachi-dori Street (竹屋町通)

The Takeyamachi-dori Street is a street running east-west through Kyoto City. It extends from the western edge of Heian-jingu Shrine on Sakuranobanba-dori Street in the east to Senbon-dori Street in the west. It is divided between Kawabata-dori Street and Dotemachi-dori Street across Kamo-gawa River (the Yodo-gawa River water system). The section between Dotemachi-dori Street and Teramachi-dori Street deviates slightly south. It runs a block south of Marutamachi-dori Street and passes along the northern edge of Nijo-jo Castle. Some may call the section east of Kamo-gawa River Higashi Takeyamachi-dori Street.

It corresponds to the Oinomikadooji of Heiankyo. During the Edo period the area along the street was known as a district of craftsmen. Gyogan-ji Temple (Kodo) is located east of the intersection with Teramachi-dori Street.

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