Tetsugaku-no-michi (Philosophers Walk) (哲学の道)

Tetsugaku-no-michi (Philosopher's Walk) is a road in Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City.

From the neighborhood of Nanzen-ji Temple to Jisho-ji (Ginkaku-ji) Temple, the road is crowded with tourists when cherry blossoms are beautiful along the both sides of Lake Biwa Canal in spring and when leaves turn red in autumn.

This road is so called because a philosopher, Kitaro NISHIDA is said to have walked along this road in meditation.
It has been chosen as one of 'the 100 best roads in Japan' and is said to have first been called 'Shisaku-no-komichi (path of speculation)' but was later called 'Tetsugaku-no-michi.'

Near Honenin Temple, there is a stone monument around halfway, in which his waka, 'Live and let live. I go my own way,' is inscribed.

Kansetsu-zakura (Cherry trees of Kansetsu)

The cherry trees were donated to Kyoto City during Taisho period by the wife of Japanese-style painter, Kansetsu HASHIMOTO, who lived nearby. The donated trees were not thought to survive; new trees took place of them and have been trimmed up to the present days.
They are still called 'Kansetsu-zakura (cherry trees of Kansetsu).'

Sights around the Road

Jisho-ji (Ginkaku-ji) Temple

Honenin Temple

Zenrin-ji Temple (Kyoto City)

Nanzen-ji Temple

Sen-oku Hakuko Kan Museum

Kumano-nyakuoji-jinja Shrine

The 100 best roads in Japan

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