The Kawaramachi Oike Intersection (河原町御池交差点)

The Kawaramachi Oike Intersection is the intersection located in Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture. This intersection is located at latitude 35 degrees 0 minute 41 seconds north, 135 degrees 46 minutes 8 seconds of east longitude.

The intersection is produced by the crossing of the No. 32 Kyoto Prefectural, Shimogamo Kyoto Station Front Road (Kawaramachi-dori Street) and the No. 37 Kyoto Prefectural, Nijo Station Front Higashiyama Sanjo Road (Oike-dori Street). This intersection is commonly known and called as Kawaramachi Oike.


There is the Kyoto City Hall at the north-west corner of the intersection. While the surrounding area of this intersection have many hotels including the Kyoto Hotel and other classic Japanese-style hotels, there is also an underground shopping center beneath the intersection called Zest Oike.

During the Gion-matsuri Festival, the parade of those Yama-hoko (festival floats of the Gion-matsuri) will change their direction by rotating the Yama-hoko at this intersection (those Yama-hoko touring from Sijo Kawaramachi toward north will change their direction to Karasuma Oike.)

Surrounding neighborhood

Occasionally, a flea market or an event is held at the plaza space in front of the Kyoto City Hall.

The Kyoto City Hall

The Kyoto Hotel Okura

The Kyoto Royal Hotel and Spa

Honno-ji Temple

Kyoto City Hall Front Station

This is the subway train station of Kyoto Municipal Subway Tozai (east-west) Line.

Bus stops

Kyoto City Hall Front

Kawaramachi Nijo

Kawaramachi Oike

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