Tonodan-dori Street (塔ノ段通)

Tonodan-dori Street is a street running north-south through Kyoto City. Tonodan-dori Street runs from Sakuragi-cho in Kamigyo Ward at its north end to Imadegawa-dori Street to its south end, spanning a length of about 600 m.

Residences mainly line Tonodan-dori Street with a few stores as well.

The name of the street, Tonodan (stage for a tower) comes from the site where a seven-storey pagoda of Shokoku-ji temple used to stand.

It is said that the seven-storey pagoda was higher than the pagoda of Kyoogokoku-ji Temple which is the highest pagoda of all the exisitng pagodas in Kyoto.

Main Facilities along Tonodan-dori Street

Doshisha Girls' Junior and Senior High School

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