Uraderamachi-dori Street (裏寺町通)

Uraderamachi-dori Street is a street running north-south in Kyoto City. It is a relatively short street which runs from the northern tip of Rokkaku-dori Street to Shijo-dori Street.

This street was established with Teramachi-dori Street and so on during Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI's reorganization of Kyoto. Temple precincts including Shijo-dojo Konren-ji Temple (Kyoto City) which was along Teramachi-dori Street were used as a booth during fairs, causing show tents and small theaters to show up on Uraderamachi-dori Street as well. Sinkyogoku-dori street, which was developed next to Uraderamachi-dori Street on its west side, became a busy street in the middle of the Meiji period.

It used to be a back street of Shinkyogoku-dori Street as the name implies, so it was rarely used for shopping and so on. The turning point was the opening of Kawaramachi Vivre (October, 1970) and the renovation of Kyogoku Toho movie theater (July 1973). The above facilities helped to establish the population and use of Shinkyogoku-dori Street and Takoyakushi-dori Street.

However, for a while, a depression was caused by a decrease in movie goers as well as the bankruptcy of Mycal.
Its revitalization was spurred on by the opening of Kawaramachi OPA (November 1998)
Of course the main gate was built on the Kawaramachi-dori Street side but an entrance was also built on the Uraderamachi-dori Street side, and became a point of origin from which people would flow in from the south to Uraderamachi-dori Street.

The section between Rokkaku-dori Street to Shijo street is designated as a non smoking area.

Main Roadside Facilities

Chosen-in Temple

Chogen-in Temple

Daizen-ji Temple

Komyo-ji Temple

Gokuraku-ji Temple

Hozo-ji Temple

Hokai-ji Temple

Myoshin-ji Temple

Kawaramachi Vivre - now it has Kyoto Loft (variety store) as a main tenant.

Joraku-ji Temple

Kotoku-ji Temple

Shomyo-ji Temple

Saido-ji Temple

Joshin-ji Temple

Kyogoku Toho movie theater - closed on January 29, 2006.

Kawaramachi OPA

Nearby Stations

Kawaramachi Station (Kyoto Prefecture) (south edge of the street), Shijo Station (Keihan), Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Station, the Tozai Line of Kyoto City Subway

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