Jinjo Shogakko (ordinary elementary school) (尋常小学校)

Jinjo shogakko was a name for institutions of elementary education from the Meiji period to early Showa period.

Jinjo shogakko and koto shogakko (higher elementary schools) were established by the Primary School Order in 1886. The duration of study at jinjo shogakko (compulsory education) at the time was either three or four years. It was standardized to solely four years under the reform of 1890. Through several changes that followed, it was extended to six years in 1907 under Vice-Minister of Education, Masataro SAWAYANAGI. Kokumin gakko (national schools) were established by the National School Order in 1941, and jinjo shogakko and koto shogakko were put to an end.

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