Kyoto Hogakko (Kyoto Law School) (京都法学校)

Kyoto Law School, a private school established in 1889, is located in Teramachi-dori Shijo-dori kudaru Daiun-in, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture.

The private school was established for the study of law and economics; the owner of school was Keijun YAMAZAKI, who graduated from Shihosho gakko (Ministry of Justice School) and then worked at Kyoto Shishin Saibansho (Kyoto Shishin Court). Additionally, the governor of Kyoto, the professor of Daishin-in (professor of the Supreme Court of Japan), the chief and the public prosecutor of Kyoto Shishin Saibansho and the chief of police of Kyoto Prefecture were installed as honorary members.

The professors were Keijun YAMAZAKI (the school's owner), Yoshimasu KAWAMURA, Kito SHIKATA, Ichiro SHIMIZU and Tekesaku MOMOSE.

After that it became impossible to keep up with the increasing numbers of applicants, so eventually Kyoto Hosei Gakko (Kyoto School of Law and Politics) (the present Ritsumeikan University) virtually succeeded the school. Continuously, Keijun YAMAZAKI had been a professor of Kyoto Hosei School.

The purpose of establishing the school (school regulations of Kyoto Hogakko in January 1888)
The Department of Law concentrates on the law of France, but it deals with current Japanese law as well.

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