Narutakijuku (鳴滝塾)

Narutakijuku was a private school established in the suburbs of Nagasaki by Philip Franz von Siebold in 1824. It also served as a clinic.

It was a wooden, two-story building, and it had a library. Medicinal herbs Siebold collected from various parts of Japan were grown in the garden. Siebold commuted from Dejima to his school, and he taught a wide range scientific fields of study such as western medicine and the natural sciences. Those who studied at Narutakijuku amounted to more than 50 people, including Choei TAKANO, Keisaku NINOMIYA, Genboku ITO and Seikai TOTSUKA.

The site of this private school is located in Narutaki, Nagasaki city, and it is a national historic site, 'Former Site of Siebold's Residence.'
Siebold Memorial Museum was opened by the City of Nagasaki in 1989, in the area neighboring the former site of Siebold's residence.

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