Ama Gozan (尼五山)

Ama Gozan is a jikaku (statues of a Buddhist temple) of the Rinzai sect introduced to nunnery temples, and modeled after the Gozan system (the selection system of temples of the five highest ranks) in the Muromachi period. It is called Ama-dera Gozan.

Like the Kyoto Gozan Temples and Kamakura Gozan Temples, five temples were each specified both in Kyoto and in Kamakura.

The chief nuns were often produced by Imperial Family, Sekkan-ke (the families which produced regents), other Court nobles and Ashikaga Shogun family (in Kamakura, Kamakura kubo (shogunate) family instead of it). Although Gonen-ji Temple, Danrin-ji Temple and Tokei-ji Temple continued without nuns by chief priests (men) instead or by conversion due to their decline after Onin War, all the other temples were closed.

Kyoto Ama(Ni) Gozan
Keiai-ji Temple - The first rank
Gonen-ji Temple - The second rank
Danrin-ji Temple - The third rank
Erin-ji Temple_(Kyoto Ama(Ni) Gozan) - The fourth rank
Tsugen-ji Temple - The fifth rank

Kamakura Ama(Ni) Gozan
Taihei-ji Temple (Kamakura City) - The first rank
Tokei-ji Temple - The second rank
Kokuon-ji Temple - The third rank
Goho-ji Temple - The fourth rank
Zenmyo-ji Temple - The fifth rank

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