Chikatsuo-jinja Shrine (近津尾神社)

Chikatsuo-jinja Shrine is a Shinto shrine located in Kokubu, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture.


According to "Ishiyama-dera Temple Record" vol. 2, chapter 3, Ishiyama-dera Temple's head priest Kinsachi Sozu founded this shrine as the Chinju-sha shrine (Shinto shrine on Buddhist temple grounds dedicated to the tutelary deity of the area) of Ishiyama-dera Temple in 1173. Basho MATSUO settled in the precincts in the Genroku era (period from 1688 to 1703), establishing the Genju-an hermitage to live in. Meanwhile, the Genju-an hermitage was rebuilt in 1940.

Enshrined deity


A crest for a shrine

Three comma-shaped figures forming a circle in the clockwise direction

Regular festivals

It is held on May 5.

Shrines in precincts

Yamanokami-jinja Shrine

Do-jinja Shrine

Amatsubo-jinja Shrine

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