Funda-in Temple (芬陀院)

Funda-in Temple is a sub-temple located within the precinct of Rinzai sect Tofuku-ji school Daihonzan (head temple) Tofuku-ji Temple in Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City. It is also referred to as Sesshu-ji Temple after the garden created by Sesshu.


Funda-in Temple was founded between 1321 and 1324 by Kanpaku (chief advisor to the emperor) Uchitsune ICHIJO who named as kaisan (founding priest) Jozan Sozen, the dharma grandson of Tofuku-ji Temple kaisan Enni (Shoichi kokushi). Following its founding, the temple became, and today remains, an ancestral temple of the Ichijo family.


Study Hall
After the original building was destroyed by fire in 1755, the building that was originally part of the palace of the Emperor Momoyama's wife Kyoraimonin was granted to the temple and underwent reconstruction in 1899.

Zunan-tei Teahouse
This teahouse was rebuilt in 1969 on the 300th anniversary of the death of Akiyoshi ICHIJO who had a great knowledge of the tea ceremony, and includes a tea garden in which a stone wash basin and lantern with connections to Keikan remain.

Karamon gate


This dry landscape garden attributed to renowned master painter Sesshu was partially damaged by fires that occurred during the Genroku era and the Horeki era but was restored in 1937 by Mirei SHIGEMORI.


Walk from 'Tobakaido Station' or 'Tofukuji Station' on the Keihan Main Line. Walk from 'Tofukuji Station' on the JR Nara line.

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