Goryo-jinja Shrine (Fukuchiyama City) (御霊神社 (福知山市))

Goryo-jinja is a shrine located at about the center of Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture.


It is located in the northwest of the old castle town in the urban area of Fukuchiyama City. Being obstructed by the precincts and the neighboring Goryo Park, Hirokoji Street is divided into north and south like a crank.


It was founded in 1705. It was originally dedicated to Uganomitama no Okami, but the name of the shrine comes from the fact that the Kutsuki clan, lord of Fukuchiyama-jo Castle, gave permission to the enshrinement of Mitsuhide AKECHI. The shrine houses a number of historical records associated with Mitsuhide AKECHI, who named the mountain 'Fukuchi-yama,' repaired Fukuchiyama-jo castle and governed well. The three old documents written by Mitsuhide AKECHI are city-designated cultural assets.

The Hirokoji Street, a sando (approach to the shrine), is a shopping street lined with many shops on both sides. There are shopping streets such as Shinmachi Shotengai (Shinmachi Shopping Street) on the side roads of Hirokoji Street.

Nijuhassui (flood in the 28th year of the Showa period)
In the 28th year of the Showa period, Fukuchiyama was flooded with water from the Yura-gawa River caused by the 13th typhoon of the year. In order to pass on the tragedy, there is a board which indicates the water level in the city at that time in Goryo Park contiguous to the precincts.


During the Annual Festival in October, 'Tanba Mitsuhide Kikyo (a balloon flower) Festival' is also held. This is a major autumn festival of Fukuchiyama City. Goryo Park and Hirokoji Street are full of events and stalls during that time.

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