Hatto-ji Temple (八塔寺)

Hatto-ji Temple is a temple of the Tendai sect located in Bizen City, Okayama Prefecture (the former Yoshinaga-cho). Its Sango (literally, "mountain name"), which is the title prefixed to the name of a Buddhist temple, is Shokyozan. Its Honzon (principal image of Buddha) is Eleven-faced Kannon (Goddess of Mercy).

It is said that this temple was founded by YUGE no Dokyo in 728, and it rose and fell due to fire and so on. It was converted to the Tendai sect in 1615, and embraced by the Ikeda clan, the lords of the Okayama domain, in the Edo period.

Cultural property

Kagami, Yoshinaga-cho, Bizen City, Okayama Prefecture

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