Higashimukai Kannon-ji Temple (東向観音寺)

Higashimukai Kannon-ji Temple is a Shingon Sect Sennyu-ji School temple in Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto City. The principal image of worship at the temple is Juichimen Kannon Bosatsu.


In 806, Dainagon (Provincial Counselor), FUJIWARA no Oguromaro and Priest Kenkei structured the temple as ordered by Emperor Kanmu and the temple was originally called Asahi-dera Temple. In 947, SUGAWARA no Michizane transferred the mausoleum to this location, and 無人如導堂宇 was restructured in 1596. The Juichimen Kannon boasts the statue by SUGAWARA no Mochizane transferred from Kanzeon-ji Temple in Chikushi in 961. The temple had two halls, in the direction of East and West, Nishimuki-do (looking towards the west) was closed and currently only the Higashimuki (looking toward east) stands. On the site is the grave of the Otomo clan, to which SUGAWARA no Michizane's mother belonged.

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