Hino Tanjoin Temple (日野誕生院)

Hino Tanjoin Temple is a Buddhist temple belonging to the Hongan-ji branch of the Pure Land Sect. It is also known as Tanjoin Temple. The building stands within a detached precinct of Hongan-ji Temple and was constructed in 1931 to commemorate the birthplace of Shinran.

Shinran and Hino Tanjoin Temple

Shinran was born as the son of Arinori HINO, the 5th generation descendant of Sukenari HINO who founded Hokai-ji Temple in 1051. At that time, Arinori is believed to have served as Daishin (Senior Office Secretary) to the Empress Dowager. It is said that his mother was Kikkonyo, the granddaughter of Taro Yoshiie HACHIMAN of Seiwa-Genji (Minamoto clan).

An ubuyu no ido (well from which water for a newborn infant's first bath was drawn) and Enazuka (literally, a placenta mound) remain on the site. There is also a bronze statue depicting Shinran aged 6 years and stone monument with a poem standing within the precinct, supposedly composed by him during his Tokudo-shiki (ordination rite) reading; Asu ari to omo kokoro no adazakura, Yahan ni arashi no fukanu mono ka ha (the love and friendship that you believe will come tomorrow can be blown away like cherry blossom in an evening gale).

The main hall has been constructed in a style similar to that of a Heian period noble family dwelling surrounded by an atmospheric corridor and featuring a courtyard garden consisting of white sand centered around a bronze lantern.


Take the Keihan Bus for 'Hino Tanjoin' from Rokujizo Station on the Keihan Uji Line to the terminal stop.

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