Hokaku-ji Temple (鳳閣寺)

Hokaku-ji Temple, located at Kurotaki-mura, Yoshino-gun in Nara Prefecture, is the head temple of Hokaku-ji school of Shingon Buddhism. Its sango (literally, "mountain name"), which is the title prefixed to the name of a Buddhist temple, is Hyakurazan. Its principal image is the statue of the Shonyoirin Kannon (The Deity of Mercy).

The temple was founded by En no Ozunu, an ascetic and mystic in the Asuka period and restored by Shobo in 895. The temple belonged to Sanbo-in of Daigo-ji Temple and played a leading role in Tozan sect of Shugendo in the Edo period. After the World War II, the temple independently founded a new sect and became the head temple of Hokaku-ji sect of Shingon Buddhism..

Cultural Property
Important Cultural Property (designated by the nation)
Byoto (the mausoleum tower) is said to be the tomb of Shobo.

90, Torisumi, Oaza, Kurotaki-mura, Yoshino-gun in Nara Prefecture.

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