Honen-ji Temple (Kyoto City) (法然寺 (京都市))

Honen-ji Temple is a Buddhist temple belonging to the Jodo Sect (the Pure Land Sect of Buddhism) located in Sagatenryuji Tateishi-cho, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture.
It is the 19th site on the Honen 25 site pilgrimage (image of Honen maintained by Kumagai Nyudo)


When Naozane KUMAGAI (Jiro Naozane KUMAGAI) returned to the Kanto region, he pleaded for an image of Honen so that he could worship his form. He was granted a statue that Honen carved of himself. Naozane then returned to his home of Kumagai where he established Yukoku-ji Temple. He later returned to Kyoto and in May 1197 founded Honen-ji temple on the former property of his father in Nishikikoji, Higashinotoin-nishi.

When Emperor Gofushimi was sick between 1299 and 1302, Honen appeared to him in a dream and told him that he would recover if he recited the nenbutsu, and on doing this, his sickness was cured. The emperor discovered the image of Honen at Honen-ji Temple and designated it an imperial palace.
It was at this time when the temple received an imperial scroll reading 'Gokurakuden.'
The temple also received an imperial scroll reading 'Kumagaisan' from Emperor Ogimachi. Honen-ji Temple was later relocated to Teramachi Bukko-ji Temple by Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI in 1591. It was then moved to its current location in 1961.

Temple Treasures

Statue of Honen Shonin (maintained by Rensei)
Statue of Rensei Shonin
Statue of TAIRA no Atsumori
Lantern said to be made from the armor of Jiro Naozane KUMAGAI.
The teeth of Honen
Imperial scroll written by Emperor Gofushimi
Imperial scroll written by Emperor Ogimachi


Tomb of Honen Shonin

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