Ikagu-jinja Shrine (伊香具神社)

Ikagu-jinja Shrine is a Shinto shrine located in Oto, Kinomoto-cho, Ika County, Shiga Prefecture. It is a Shikinaisha Myojin Taisha (shrine listed in Engishiki laws). It is the most prestigious shrine in Kohoku (area north of Lake Biwa), that is described in "Sandaijitsuroku" as being given shinkai (ranks granted to Shinto gods) of Jushiinoge (Junior Fourth Rank, Lower Grade) in 859. Okonai (festival) is held on February, 24. In old classification of shrine it was a prefectural shrine.

Ikatsu no mikoto

It is said that the deity is the same as 'Ikatomi' that appears in the Robe of Feathers Legend of itsubun (surviving fragment of the document) of fudoki (description of regional climate, culture, etc.) of Omi Province.

Shinmon (a crest for a shrine)

Agarifuji (rising wisteria)



It is held on February 24.

Regular festival

It is held on April 6.

Inner and outer shrines of precincts

Shrines in precincts

Okuno miya (rear shrine)

Sannomiya Shrine (the third shrine)

Hakusan-jinja Shrine

Outer precincts shrines

Ofuto-jinja Shrine

Merits of the deity

Gokokuhojo (bumper crop)

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