Ikishiro-jinja Shrine (印岐志呂神社)

Ikishiro-jinja Shrine is a Shinto shrine located in Kataoka-cho, Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture.

Enshrined deity



It is believed that Ikishiro-jinja Shrine was first enshrined in the Emperor Tenji era. This shrine counts among Shikinai-sha (higher-ranked shrines) listed under "Engishiki Shinmyo Cho" (Jinja shrines' list under the Engishiki [an ancient book for codes and procedures on national rites and prayers]). According to the shrine's biography, the rank of Shorokui (Senior Sixth Rank) was conferred on the deity of this shrine. This shrine was frequently damaged by wars; for instance, it became battlefields when KO no Moronao and his troops fought a battle with armed priests of Mt. Hiei in 1336, and when Nobunaga ODA attacked the Rokkaku clan. It was designated as a Gosha (a village shrine) in 1876, and then a Kensha (a prefectural shrine) in 1917.

A crest for a shrine
Three comma-shaped figures forming a circle in the clockwise direction

Rites and Festivals

Reisai (annual festival): held on May 3

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Sannomiya-jinja Shrine

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Cultural properties

Hirosakidoboko (a kind of halberd made of bronze)

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