Ikkyu-jinja Shrine (Fukuchiyama City) (一宮神社 (福知山市))

Ikkyu-jinja Shrine is a shrine, that is located slightly to the south of the urban area in Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture.


It has been reported that Ikkyu-jinja Shrine was erected in the Nara period. This Shrine flourished as Chinju (local Shinto deity) for the Fukuchiyama Domain in the Edo period. Its sanctuary (the main building of a Shinto shrine) was erected in 1718 and both sanctuary and Wakisha of precincts were registered as cultural property by Kyoto Prefecture as one of the best architectures in Fukuchiyama. The Ishi-doro (stone lantern) from the Kamakura period remains in this shrine.

Environmental preservation area

A lot of zelkova trees can be seen at Chinju-no-Mori (Sacred Shrine Forest) in the precincts of the shrine. The precincts of the shrine are surrounded by a laurel forest containing trees such as Cleyera japonica, oak and camphor trees as well as ilex and ginkgo which grow together there, while conifers such as Japanese cedars and (Japanese) cypress are planted in the south side of the forest. Also, Chinju-no-Mori is thickly grown with bamboo, Japanese shield fern, Rubus buergeri, and is designated as an environmental preservation area. In summer, insects such as Japanese dynastid beetles or stag beetles can be seen.

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