Ishitsukuri-jinja Shrine, Tamatsukuri-jinja Shrine (石作神社・玉作神社)

Ishitsukuri-jinja Shrine and Tamatsukuri-jinja Shrine are the shrines located in Kinomoto-cho, Ika County, Shiga Prefecture. They are Shikinai-sha (shrine listed in Engishiki Laws). They were prefectural shrines in old classification of shrines.

The enshrined deities

Ishitsukuri-jinja Shrine

Ame no Hoakari no Mikoto


Tamanooya no Mikoto

The history of the shrines is unknown because of the war devastations during and after the medieval period. There is a mound called 'Ishitsukuri' in the nearby rice field. The place is Kinsokuchi (tabooed land), and it has been transmitted that it is where the shrines used to be. The shrines were listed as a sonsha (a village shrine) in 1876, a gosha (a regional shrine) in 1885 and a kensha (a prefectural shrine) in 1922.


Okonai (a Shinto ritual), February 4

Reisai (regular festival), April 5

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