Izanagi-jinja Shirine (Tenri City) (伊射奈岐神社 (天理市))

Izanagi-jinja Shirine is located in Tenri City, Nara Prefecture. It is located on Mt. Tenjin near the Mausoleum of Emperor Sujin.

The shrine is identified as Izanagi-jinja Shrine in Shikinokaminokori in the Engishiki Jinmyocho (a register of shrines in Japan). It was referred to as Yanagimoto Tenjin Shrine or Yanagimoto Tenmangu Shrine and was once located in Yamadagaichi in the southeast. In the Bunmei era, it was located at its current site and enshrined the sochinju (local Shinto deity) of Yanagimoto. Jinson, the chief of Kofuku-ji Temple Daijo-in visited the shrine on May 24, 1461 and Kineda SANJONISHI visited on April 20, 1553. On September 24, 1555, Emperor Gonara ordered the shrine to change its Shinto ritual from September to October, and also had Atsumitsu YANAGIWARA pray for revival of the Imperial Family. During the Edo period, it was under the patronage of the Oda clan of Yanagimoto Domain and was called Yanagimoto Domain Shrine.

The Shinto ritual was once held on August 10 (old lunar calendar) and 54 liters of rice was given for Kagura (sacred music and dancing performed at shrines). Although rites and festivals were simplified, a togyo (a Shinto ritual for the transfer of a sacred object from its place of enshrinement) with seven kinds of attendants including Sarutsuka, Kitsunetsuka and Zakurotsuka was held until the early Meiji period; and there were two bangi (woodcuts) made for attendants on September 9, 1571. The bangi were made from cherry wood; one has a picture of an ayu (sweetfish) on the front and a picture of a Japanese plum with a shrimp on the back, and the other one has a picture of a carp.

A five-minute walk from Yanagimoto Station on the JR West Sakurai Line.

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