Jakko-ji Temple (寂光寺)

Jakko-ji Temple is a Kenpon Hokke Sect temple located in Sakyo-ku Ward, Kyoto City. Its honorific mountain prefix is Myosenzan. It is commonly referred to as Igo Honinbo. The temple is one of the sixteen Kyoto Head Temples of the Hokke Sect.

Jakko-ji Temple was founded in 1578 by Nichien. At the time of its founding, it was named Kuon-ji Temple and located on Demizu-dori Street, Muromachi-dori Street (now Kamigyo-ku Ward). It was relocated to Nijo-dori Street, Teramachi-dori Street (now Nakagyo-ku Ward) in 1590 during Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI's creation of the temple district (Teramachi). In 1708, the temple caught fire in the great fire of the Hoei era and was moved to its current site (Niomon-dori Street Nishi-iru, Higashioji-dori Street, Sakyo-ku Ward).

Jakko-ji Temple second head priest Nikkai, later known as Honinbo Sansa, resided in a sub-temple named Honinbo. Nikkai was a highly skilled Go player who was unrivaled in his day and was praised as Meijin (strongest Go player) by Nobunaga ODA. After Nikkai, the word Honinbo became the title of the a grand master of Go to be inherited its successors. Honinbo was relocated from Jakko-ji Temple to Edo during the time of the fourth Honinbo, Dosaku.

Location and Access
469 Kita-monzen-cho, Higashioji-dori Street Nishi-iru, Niomon-dori Street, Sakyo-ku Ward, Kyoto City
100 meters west of Higashiyama Niomon bus stop, Kyoto City Bus

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