Jimyo-in Temple (持明院)

Jimyo-in Temple is a temple that is thought to have been located in what is now the vicinity of Kosho-in Temple in Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto City.

Chinjufu Shogun (Commander-in-Chief of the Defense of the North) FUJIWARA no Motoyori built a private Buddhist statue hall named 'Anrakuko-in Temple' on his estate, and his family line became known as the Jimyoin family when the temple was later renamed 'Jimyo-in Temple'. During the Kamakura period, Motoie JIMYOIN's daughter Nobuko JIMYOIN (who later became Kitashirakawain) became the consort of Imperial Prince Morisada and gave birth to Imperial Prince Shigehito (who went on to become Emperor Gohorikawa). After the Jokyu War, Emperor Gohorikawa was coronated, and his father unusually granted him the title Emperor Daijo (Abdicated Emperor), and he exerted power from this temple as a cloistered Emperor under the name Gotakakurain. Emperor Gohorikawa continued to exert cloistered rule from the Imperial Palace even after his abdication. After the extinction of Imperial Prince Morisada's family line, the temple was also the palace in which both Emperor Gosaga and Emperor Gofukakusa resided following their abdications, and it is for this reason that the family line of Emperor Gofukakusa took the name surname 'Jimyoin' (just as the name of the opposing Emperor Kameyama's family line was changed to 'Daikakuji' because he resided at Daikaku-ji Temple following his retirement).

Jimyo-in Temple went into decline after it was damaged by fire in the second month of the 8th year of Emperor Gokogon's rein (1353) and it is said that Kosho-in Temple, connected to Emperor Gofushimi's wife Imperial Princess Shinshi, was relocated to the site after the Onin War (Kosho-in Temple was temporarily known as 'Anrakuko-in' following its relocation).

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