Kaiin-ji Temple (Nagaokakyo City) (海印寺 (長岡京市))

Kaiin-ji was the name of a Buddhist temple located in Nagaokakyo City, Kyoto Prefecture and is also currently the name of the surrounding area. One theory claims it to be the place where the Phyllostachys edulis species of bamboo was first introduced to Japan.

It was founded in the early ninth century by Doyu. The temple once flourished under the patronage of the government and imperial family, and the surrounding villages were designated as Kaiin-ji Temple territory. It no longer functions as a temple and Jakusho-in Temple is the only one of its ten sub-temples to remain.

Place Name

The name 'Kaiinji' remains used within Nagaokakyo City to refer to the area of the former Kaiin-ji Temple village as well as various institutions.

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